Varsha Rain Guns

Letme introduce the product that is SAPL‘s contribution towards efficient, profitable and sustainable agriculture – The Rain Gun. The Rain Gun is a micro irrigation device that helps promote water conservation. Read more about the advantages of rainguns over flood and drip irrigation systems here

Here is a quick overview of the Varsha Rain guns. You can read more about the technical and application related features if the Varsha Rain Gun here.

The potential for Rain Guns

  • The concept of micro-irrigation has become very popular. It is the answer to reduced water availability and droughts. All major Indian irrigation companies are promoting micro-irrigation
  • Rain guns and drip irrigation approaches will be the focus of these efforts
  • Reduced offerings of free power to agriculture will add to the momentum to shift to rain guns


Varsha Rain gun for Water Conservation

  • The Rain Gun is a micro-irrigation device, sometimes called an overhead sprinkler. It produces artificial rain like conditions
  • The use of rain guns saves up to 50% of water Vs conventional canal irrigation and meaningful power savings.
  • It can irrigate up to ¾ acre in a single rotation
  • Use of Rain guns improve yield Vs Canal irrigation as well
  • Rain gun is suitable for a wide variety of crops. Cereals, vegetables, sugarcane, ginger, groundnut plantation crops.
  • Rain gun performance is comparable to imported and costlier Italian rain guns

Varsha Rain gun for Dust Abatement Application

  • We are working on using rain gun for Dust Suppression application. IIT/S has been involved in the effort.

Read more about Varsha Rain gun’s – technical and application related.

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