Servals Natural Draft Wood Stove

Having won the Sankalp 2010 award in the Clean Energy Sector with the TLUD biomass gasifier stove, Servals is pleased to announce the introduction of its next contribution to rural cooking energy – Servals Wood Stove.

This is a simple wood stove that shows high thermal efficiency, is low smoke and provides superior user convenience.

With other products such as thekerosene burner, kerosene stoves, hybrid cooking stoves,TLUD biomass gasifier, Plant Oil Stoves and  Lamps already in the portfolio,  Servals is indeed happy and proud to offer its wood stove as an improved cookstove solution towards improving the quality of life of the biggest chunk of the biomass cookstove users. We sincerely believe that this wood stove will go a long way in improving the rural cooking energy spiral at all levels – user, community and planet.

Key highlights – Servals Wood Stove

  • The key focus is to design a simple natural draft woodstove that is low-smoke, fuel efficient and does not require constant flame monitoring.
  • Stable Flame; no need to monitor : The Servals woodstove is desi
    gned with a flame stabilizer. This is a modified grate that keeps the charcoal burning with a brilliant reddish white color by allowing a small quantity of pre-heated primary air to move up through it.
  • Superior Flame Quality : The Servals woodstove is designed with a flame concentrator at the top. This brings the flame towards the centreline of the stove thereby improving the stove performance and flame quality.
  • User convenience: The Servals woodstove is designed such that the charcoal bed is kept sufficiently hot to ensure a stable flame. There is no need to blow air manually into the flame at any point of time.
  • Adjustable Pot Skirt: The Servals woodstove is the only stove that comes with an adjustable pot skirt. A pot skirt protects the flame from mild wind movements and also improves the thermal efficiency of the stove. The adjustable feature – a one of its kind design – enables the same pot skirt to be used for various cooking appliances like tawas, frying pans, pressure cookers and different types of vessels.
  • Low Smoke Stove : The Servals woodstove is designed to be a low smoke stove.
  • Adequate firepower: The Servals woodstove is designed to provide a 2 KW fire power which is optimal for domestic cooking. The firepower can be increased to upto 3 KW by adding a few more wood sticks.
  • Aligned with cooking culture:The Servals woodstove is very easy to use. It is just like a regular woodstove that dominates the biomass cookstove market, just easier, less smoky and doesn’t require any change in cooking behaviour or biomass sizing.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Servals woodstove is very easy to maintain. Just clean the stove before use, by removing the left-over ash and any charcoal, esp from under the flame stabilizer. Wiping the stove with a dry cloth is all that is needed to keep it clean and neat. Better to use and store the stove in a dry place.
  • Durability :The Servals woodstove is designed to be durable. The stove body, pot-skirt, flame stabilizer and flame concentrator are made out of stainless steel. Vessel support is made out of mild steel.

Social Impact of “Servals” Wood Stove

The following are what we believe to be the socio-environmental impact of this new launch

  • It is a “low carbon initiative”. The Servals wood stove reduces the net addition of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is “carbon neutral” if only twigs ( or other biomass residues ) are used
  • Saving in fuel cost : Servals wood stove will save fuel due to better thermal efficiency and flame concentration.
  • Indoor Air Pollution: Significantly reduces emissions.
  • Improved quality of life : No need to blow; adequate firepower;better flame control; does not require monitoring
  • Energy Conservation: Saves fuel
  • Climate Change: Reduces net addition of CO2 into the atmosphere; No net addition of CO2 into the atmosphere if only twigs ( or other biomass residues ) are used.