Energy Efficient Kerosene Stoves

Let me introduce Servals‘ Energy Efficient Kerosene Stoves here – our second step towards energy optimization.With proven improved energy efficiency, cooking efficiencies and safety systems (fuel leakage containment, self-extinguishing), we believe this is a rural energy product that will contribute a lot towards bettering the life of the bottom-of-the-pyramid.ENERGY EFFICIENT KEROSENE STOVES

  • TheServals portfolio has an Energy Efficient Kerosene Stove.
  • The Stove has been declared as the “Most Energy Efficient Stove” in June 2005 by the Paraffin Safety Association, South Africa (PASASA) among the comparative testing of stoves entered.
  • Fitted with Venus Energy Efficient Kerosene Burners – a patented design that is proven to have 65.4% Thermal Efficiency against the mandatory requirement of 55% by ISI.
  • This offers a 30% savings in kerosene consumption compared to burners available in the market.
  • It is a low carbon initiative
  • We have also designed a special Safety Stove.
  • This kerosene stove has a special “Toppling Safe” feature. This is a special requirement of South Africa. Read more about why it is so critical in South Africa .
  • It has also been awarded a patent in South Africa.
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